TrackBall(History,working Principle,Advantages & Disadvantage,Applications)


     What is TrackBall?

       A trackball is a pointing device consisting of a ball held by a socket containing sensors to detect a rotation of the ball about two axes



The device, invented by Ferranti engineers Tom Cranston, Fred Longstaff, and Kenyon Taylor sometime in early 1952, used a bowling ball from the Canadian version of a game of five-pin bowling (diameter around 16 cm).
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 Advantages And Disadvantages of TrackBall And Everything About TrackBall 

Advantages of TrackBall

  •     The advantage of trackballs over mice is that the trackball is stationary so it does not require much space to use it.
  •     You can place a trackball on any type of surface, including your lap.
  •      A trackball mouse has ergonomic advantages because you move the ball and not the mouse itself.
  •     The buttons are well placed and it helps in reaching the finger in a proper way.

   Disadvantages of TrackBall

  •       Left-handed trackballs are difficult to find.
  •      Trackballs are expensive.
  •       A trackball requires fine control of the ball with just one finger or thumb.
  •       Difficult to Use.
  •       These are asymmetric and work on this principle. Due to small demand nowadays thumb-operated trackballs are not generally available in left-handed configurations.

Why Trackball useless Nowadays?

  •      A trackball is usually not as accurate as a mouse.
  •      The trackball is in a strange place these days
  •       Nowadays a lot of amazing features in Windows are available and new technology exists a lot.
There are many reasons for example:
  •      Left-handed trackballs are difficult to find.
  •      Trackballs are expensive.

Working Principle

A trackball consists of a stationary hand rest, which is usually larger than a mouse, that contains around track ball set on a socket which allows it to rotate freely.


  •       It is usually a major role in some fields and it is used in a variety of fields like in air-traffic controlling to operating equipment to drafting and design work.
  • A lot of specialized work environments still use trackballs due to their precision.



  • Computer gamer has been able to successfully use trackballs in most modern computer games with any slight loss of speed compensated for with an increase in precision.
  • Trackballs are provided as the pointing device in some public internet access terminals.
  • They are generally preferred in a laboratory setting for the same reason. Some mobile phones, such as the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and the BlackBerry Pearl feature trackballs.
  • Some mobile phones have trackballs, including those in the BlackBerry range, the T-Mobile Sidekick 3, and many early HTC smartphones. 


  • It is using less nowadays due to the new technology in Today's world. As it was difficult to handle it because a mouse is smaller than a trackball. Trackballs are expensive also. Windows and laptop mousepads are now available in the large amount that we don't need the technology of the past. It is compulsory to take knowledge of the past technology.

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